Joetsu Kokusai Playland

Summer is here which means heat and humidity. The green mountains of Snow Country are slightly cooler than the city, though you may still feel the need to cool off. A dip in one of the local rivers is always good, or a great day out for families is the Joetsu Kokusai Playland, and with its pool, tubing, and waterslides it is perfect on those hot summer days.

The water park is not the only attraction. There are also go carts, mini-bikes, putter golf, tennis courts, a small train, amusement stalls, a fishing park, and a merry-go-round, so plenty to keep the whole family amused for the day.

Everything is spread out across the slopes of Joetsu Kokusai ski resort and you get fantastic views of the mountains, and the valley below covered in green rice fields.


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