Undiscovered Japan Top Tour Poll 2017

Undiscovered Japan is an alliance of 13 specially designated tourism zones across the whole country. The idea is to lure people away from the well-trodden path of the Golden Route, and out to different regions of Japan each of which has huge amounts to discover.

From now until the end of December the organisers are running a Top Tour Poll. Each of the 13 areas has submitted a 2 day/1night plan to highlight the very best of their region. Anyone can vote – you just have to choose which tour you would most like to experience. The Top 3 selections will each offer a free trip for two people to someone who voted for them.

The Snow Country Tourism Zone is part of Undiscovered Japan so have a tour in the vote. Their offering includes the famous carrots from under the snow, a trip to a sake brewery, a firework and art display, a night at a luxurious converted farmhouse complete with onsen and a bar in the snow, and a snowshoe walk in traditional handmade kanjiki.


You can see how it compares to the other tours and cast your vote here.


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