Fall Tours in Snow Country

Fall is one of the most spectacular times to visit Snow Country. The rice turns yellow in the fields before being harvested, and then the leaves on the trees that cover the mountains also start to change color. Along with the new rice, there is an abundance of seasonal ingredients to enjoy.

The Snow Country Tourism Office offer a range of tours throughout fall to let you enjoy the charm of this region. For more information you can reach them on yoyaku(at)yuzawaonsen.gr.jp

15 Oct 2017 – Yuzawa Autumn Harvest Festival & Uonuma Sake Festival Local food and local sake to enjoy in Central Park in Yuzawa.

1 Sept – 12 Nov 2017 – A trip through the scenic countryside to Hoshitoge rice terraces, lunch at Ubusuna-no-Ie, and Bijin Forest  Enjoy the many terraces in their fall colors that cover the hillside at Hoshitoge. Then it is an amazing lunch cooked by the local oba-chans in an farmhouse that has been turned into an art project. Finally a stroll around the aptly named Bijin Forest.


20 Sept – 13 Oct 2017 – Snow Country A-Grade Cuisine – For anyone interested in local, organic ingredients still produced lovingly by hand, this is a great tour. It visits a famous pickle shop that uses the lees from the sake making process, as well as one of the area’s most famous temples.

Saturdays/Sundays/Holiday from 2nd Sept – 5th Nov 2017  Maekura Bridge in Akiyamago and Ryugakubo Pond  This tour takes you well off the beaten track to some stunning sights in wilds of Akiyamago. There is the most local of soba lunches, and then a trip to the famous waters of Ryugakubo.


2nd Sept – 5th Nov 2017  Historical tour of Shiozawa while wearing a kimono  A stroll down Bokushi-dori in Shiozawa wearing a hand-made local kimono, learning about the long textile heritage of the town.


1 – 31 October 2017  Snow Country Literary Walk  Follow the footsteps of the characters in the famous Snow Country novel as you take a walking tour around Yuzawa, including a visit to Takahan Hotel.

7 Oct – 5 Nov 2017  Fall Color Viewing on the Dragondala  Take a 20 minute ride on Japan’s longest gondola through the mountains of Naeba where the display of fall colors will take your breath away.






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