Hand-painting kimono material

We have another great Snow Country experience tour for you. We’ve mentioned Tokamachi’s history as a famous kimono material production town before, and highly recommend the Tokamachi Kimono Festival every spring. Kimono material is stunningly beautiful, and there are still kimono makers in Tokamachi.

One of those is Suizankoubou. If you are interested in kimono material then it is well worth a visit.


On weekdays (except Public Holidays) it is possible to arrange a tour of their workshop, followed by a chance to try painting your own design on a piece of silk kimono material. This is an amazing opportunity to learn about the world of kimono, as well as indulge your artistic talents.


This is an exclusive tour and requires a minimum booking of 5 people. It costs 4,000JPY per head, and includes a tour of the workshop, a chance to design your own original artwork (which will accompany you home), a drink and a snack, a some time to shop the kimono-related souvenirs at Suizankoubou. They also offer a shorter version of the tour that is just the hand-painting of the silk kimono material.

For further information, please contact the Snow Country Tourism Zone Office on this mail address. And if you are in Tokamachi for this tour, don’t forget to check out the famous soba noodles, and if you are looking for some interesting souvenirs or gifts, there are artisans making some beautiful things out of kimono material.


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