Snow Clearing Experience Tour

Driving around Snow Country throughout the year you will often see big yellow machines parked by the side of the road.


Come winter these machines have the thankless task of trying to keep the highways and byways of the region clear of snow. There are several different types from the giant rotary snowblowers above, through graders, snowploughes and even tiny box like-blowers that head down the sidewalks.

If you are one of those people who look at machines like this and think “That looks like fun”, then this winter the Snow Country Tourism folk have come up with just the tour for you – the chance to ride shotgun on a couple of different types of these snow clearing machines.

It takes place over at the New Greenpia Tsunan hotel, home to the Tsunan Snow Festival and Sky Lanterns in March. Tsunan just happens to be one of the snowiest places in a very snow country, so is the ideal place to try this snow clearing experience. Sign in at the front desk and then head out to one of the carparks with the driver to ride shotgun on two different kinds of snow clearing machine – a rotary snow blower, and a snow plough. This is an amazing opportunity to experience an aspect of Snow Country life that is not normally available to the general public.

The Snow Clearing Experience in Tsunan is available from January 7th until March 4th, 2017 between 10-12, and 1-3 every day. Bookings are required by 5pm the day before and you can book with the Snow Country Tourism Office on this mail address.


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