Jomon Era/Snow Country Culture Monitor Tour

The Snow Country Tourism Zone folk are putting together plenty of new tours to help visitors discover the hidden highlights of the region. They are in the testing phase for a new tour that will take in the fascinating Jomon era culture that can be found here, as well as some other popular tourist attractions along the way. Right now they are looking for 5 participants to test out their first version of this tour and give some feedback. If you are keen to take part, in exchange for your thoughts you will get a 3 day, 2 night trip around some sights of interest from Niigata down to Yuzawa, with some great food and stays on your trip down.


Monitor Tour details

Dates  Friday 2nd December – Sunday 4th December 2016

No. of Participants 5pax   

Price  Free of charge (However after the tour we would like you to fill out a short questionnaire and participate in a quick interview.)

Meeting time 0915

Meeting place Niigata Station South Exit Bus Terminal

Applications to  Echigo Yuzawa Onsen Tourism Association / Snow Country Tourism Zone tel:025-785-5353  Please include name, gender, date of birth, contact details, reason for participating

Applications by Friday 25th November 2016

Planned Itinerary:【Day 1】

Echigo Yuzawa Station 730-915 Niigata Station 930―1000 Minato Pier 1030ー1040 Water Shuttle 1110-1130 Niigata City Cultural Heritage Center 1230-1330 Rankeisou (Lunch) 1430-1445 Sanjo City Cultural Education Facility, Shimoda Township Museum 1515―1530 Yagigahana 1630―1730 Stay Nagaoka City

【Day 2】

Nagaoka 830-900 Umataka Jomon Museum-Umataka Ruins 1000-1100 Tokamachi Museum 1200-1230 Yukimi Gozen (Lunch) 1330-1400 Najomon Agricultural and Jomon Era Experience Center 1500-1530 Stay at Shinanoso, Tsunan

【Day 3】

Shinanoso 840-Echigo Tanaka Station 859-Ride Iiyama Line train - 907 Morimiyanohara Station 910-930 Ryugakubo Pond 1010-1020 Okinohara Ruins 1100-1130 Akiyamago Kudari(Lunch)1230-1300 Tsunan Museum of History and Folklore 1330-1340 Naeba Sake Brewery 1430-1530 Echigo Yuzawa Station Finish


This is going to be a fascinating look at the culture that existed in Japan thousands of years ago, and some of the artifacts that have been found are breathtaking. The flame shaped pots are famous finds from the era, and the size of some of them, as well as the intricate design is incredible given that they are from thousands of years ago. At Naj0mon you can hold some of this ancient history in your hands.

Your participation and contribution to making this a successful tour would be much appreciated.



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