Outdoor Adventures in Minakami

The arrival of spring also signals the reopening of Minakami as one of Japan’s best outdoor adventure playgrounds. Once famed as a hot spring resort at the far end of Kanto, in recent years it has become known as a must-visit location for thrill seekers. Once the snow has melted the lakes, rivers and mountains are home to a whole host of companies that offer fun activities.

Photo from iloveoutdoors.jp

The list of activities is impressive. Rafting, canoeing, mountain biking, bungy jumping, hiking, canyoning, paragliding, shower climbing, quad biking, stand up paddle boarding, tree climbing…… There is something for everyone.

As the snow melts in spring it fills the local lakes and rivers. This water makes for some of Japan’s best whitewater rafting during April and May. The rafting continues during summer but tends to be more mellow as the water level drops.

Once the hot, humid summer arrives the green mountains offer a much more pleasant environment than the stifling city. Playing in the river, canyoning, rafting and canoeing all offer the chance to get wet and cool off.

It is a beautiful area throughout the year but especially attractive in spring, summer and autumn when the outdoor activities are in full swing. Whether you are there for adventure, camping, onsen or to enjoy the local cuisine, it is a fantastic area to explore


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