Snow Country Region Event Calendar – December

The Snow Country Freak Plus website have just published the winter event calendar for the Snow Country Region. It is a selection of some of the best things to see in the area. There are many more festivals and event than this list so these are just some of the highlights.


Sakae Club Ski Resort Opening (Sakae Village) The resort is scheduled to open on December 19th. It is the 20th anniversary for the resort this year. There is a whole schedule of events throughout the season, and opening day sees free wild boar soup and amazake.


Naeba Ski Area ‘Hikari’ Fireworks (Yuzawa) Fireworks above the slopes at Naeba take place every Saturday from December 19th to March 26th. Also on December 31st and March 19th there is a torchlight descent in which customers can take part.


Sky Lanterns (Tsunan) At the New Greenpia in Tsunan they launch sky lanterns – paper lanterns that float upwards on the hot air from the little fire inside them. It takes place at 6pm on weekdays and 6pm & 8pm on Saturdays.


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